Industrial Networks AUNET

The AUNET series consists of kits designed for practical experience with various industrial network and IT technologies in an industrial environment, covering the following topics: Industrial networks, Internet of Things (IoT), industrial IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity.

Skills and competencies

  • Understanding different physical interface technologies
  • Implementing various network device topologies
  • Configuring network devices
  • Setting up and programming controllers (PLCs) for communication in different networks
  • Creating practical applications involving network communication

Main Differences

  • Ergonomics certification
  • No tool requirement
  • Educational materials
  • Main Benefits

  • Modular
  • Industrial devices
  • Easy storage
  • Technological

    In the industrial networks kits, it’s possible to explore applications with industrial networks:

    • Modbus/RTU (serial) and Modbus/TCP
    • CANOpen
    • IO-Link

    These networks are practiced using PLCs, inverters, and intelligent sensors.

    Siemens is one of the most well-known and widely used brands globally, offering a development platform for all its Automation solutions, the TIA Portal.

    Altus is a Brazilian automation company with a presence in important markets such as oil and sanitation.

    The PLCs used support the OPC/UA protocol, the de facto standard for communication between and with controllers.

    The PLCs used also support the MQTT protocol, the most widely used in Industrial IoT applications, enabling direct communication with cloud platforms.

    The TI/TA integration kit includes various devices for industrial network infrastructure, allowing you to work on topics such as IP network fundamentals and cybersecurity. This kit complements the others in the series to create a complete environment.

  • Desktop Rack for Industrial Networks


    The kits in this series bring automation devices that communicate in a network. With various options for network technologies, these kits complement the AUSUP series kits for creating industrial network applications.

  • Industrial Networks Workbench 


    The industrial network bench is the complete solution for teaching networks. Equipped with controllers and field devices that support different industrial network technologies, with this bench, it is possible to explore various protocols and applications.

  • IT/AT Integration Workbench


    The IT/TA integration kit was designed to work with network technologies that integrate field networks with corporate networks. This new area of industrial communication already has new devices, standards, and practices that are essential for automation professionals in an increasingly connected world.

  • Courseware

    The teaching kits are accompanied by rich teaching material with a practical focus, which provides practical proposals aimed at developing skills and competencies.

    The Student Guide is offered, with proposals for practical activities, the Educator’s Guide, with answers to activities and teaching guidance on the products, and video tutorials to assist in using the tools when using the kit.