Renewable Energies RENEW

The RENEW series offers a complete line for practical experience with renewable energy generation systems, covering the topics of Solar Generation, Wind Generation, and Hydro Generation.

Skills and competencies

  • Understanding the importance of renewable energies
  • Distinguishing between on-grid and off-grid systems
  • Assembling a solar energy generation system
  • Assembling a wind energy generation system
  • Researching components and their prices for projects

Main Differences

  • Safety
  • Ergonomics certification
  • No tool requirement
  • Augmented reality
  • Educational materials
  • Main Benefits

  • Protected components
  • Industrial devices
  • Complete system
  • Technological

    The RENEW series kits are modular, allowing you to work with on-grid and off-grid, solar, wind, hydro, and hybrid systems.

    A relevant topic for agriculture and rural communities that can be explored in this kit is water pumping powered by solar energy.

    The generation systems used are professional equipment and include:

    • Photovoltaic Generation: 2 panels of 100W each.
    • Wind Generation: Micro-wind generator.
    • Hydro Generation: Pelton Turbine.

    The wind turbine kit emphasizes mechanical components and supervision systems for large-scale wind generators, which are reproduced in miniature with all their systems. It is the ideal kit for training in wind turbine maintenance.

  • Renewable Energy Workbench


    This kit is the complete and flexible solution for teaching renewable energies. Using the Technik+ modular platform, it has interoperability with modules from the electrotechnical line. Various configurations allow exploring on-grid and off-grid generation technologies with solar, wind, or hydroelectric sources.

  • Wind Turbine Test Bench


    This test bench is aimed at developing skills in the operation and maintenance of large-scale wind turbines. With it, it will be possible to understand the mechanical and electrical elements, the main control systems, and learn to use a real system for monitoring and operating large-scale wind generators.

  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy Dock Station


    This is an introductory solar energy kit that allows for a first contact with generation technology using photovoltaic cells. With it, it will be possible to understand the operating principles and main characteristics of this renewable energy technology.

  • Courseware

    The teaching kits are accompanied by rich teaching material with a practical focus, which provides practical proposals aimed at developing skills and competencies.

    The Student Guide is offered, with proposals for practical activities, the Educator’s Guide, with answers to activities and teaching guidance on the products, and video tutorials to assist in using the tools when using the kit.