Sensors and Instrumentation AUSEN

The AUSEN series offers educational kits designed to explore sensor and instrument technologies, their characteristics, and their applications. This series complements the control and supervision (AUSUP) series, as well as the continuous (AUPRO) and discrete (AUMAN) process control series.

Skills and competencies

  • Understanding and applying various types of digital and analog sensors
  • Understanding and analyzing IO-Link and conventional sensors through industrial networks
  • Configuring networked devices

Main Differences

  • Safety
  • No tool requirement
  • Augmented reality
  • Educational materials
  • Main Benefits

  • Modular
  • Industrial devices
  • Easy storage
  • Technological

    Some sensors feature IO-Link technology, which has become the de facto standard in the industry for industrial sensor networks.

    The IO-Link master with an Ethernet port allows the addition of various intelligent features to the sensors. Firstly, it can be accessed by a PLC using the PROFINET protocol. But it can also be controlled directly by a computer for configuring the IO-Link devices connected to it. Its ports can be used both as IO-Link communication ports for smart sensors and as digital ports for conventional sensors.

    The instrumentation kit’s main component is the VMV10-P multivariable transmitter. This Profibus/PA communication instrument is a differential pressure transmitter with a thermistor input (e.g., PT100). In the kit, we explore the various uses of the differential pressure transmitter, such as pressure, level, and flow measurement.

    With the use of a USB/Profibus/PA converter, it is possible to communicate, configure, and read the instrument without the need for a PLC.

  • Rack Desktop Sensors


    The sensor kit has been designed to allow the first contact and interaction with the main types of industrial sensors. With this kit, students will be able to practice the detection techniques of different sensors and explore their main technical characteristics.

  • Sensors Bench


    In this kit, a selective conveyor belt allows separating parts based on information from different types of sensors. Through pneumatic actuation, the pieces are diverted to different sorting boxes. This kit has devices to implement its control through command logic or can be controlled from a PLC and HMI kit (AUSUP series).

  • PA Instruments Desktop Rack


    The PA instrumentation kit has been designed to be the students’ first contact with the world of instrumentation, a fundamental technology for continuous process industries. In this kit, a multi-instrument is used to understand two of the most important measurements: differential pressure and temperature. In addition, the instruments have communication via the Profibus-PA protocol.

  • Courseware

    The teaching kits are accompanied by rich teaching material with a practical focus, which provides practical proposals aimed at developing skills and competencies.

    The Student Guide is offered, with proposals for practical activities, the Educator’s Guide, with answers to activities and teaching guidance on the products, and video tutorials to assist in using the tools when using the kit.