Segsim is educational software for simulating the assembly of industrial electrical circuits involving
machine safety.

Main Differences

  • Task assessment with error indication and execution time
  • Possibility to activate sensors and actuators
  • Multimeter for checking electrical voltage along the circuit
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Didactic Bench for Industrial Safety Testing NR-12
  • Main Benefits

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Better retention of theoretical content taught in the classroom
  • Increased safety and reduction of physical risks during learning
  • Optimal use of classroom space
  • Reduced equipment depreciation
  • Technological

    SEGSIM enables the use of key components of industrial machine safety electrical circuits, including safety relays, zero-speed relays, light curtains, two-hand controls, and motors.


    The teaching kits are accompanied by rich teaching material with a practical focus, which provides practical proposals aimed at developing skills and competencies.

    The Student Guide is offered, with proposals for practical activities, the Educator’s Guide, with answers to activities and teaching guidance on the products, and video tutorials to assist in using the tools when using the kit.

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